One of our Favorites - Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Prior to the coming to Green Egg Media for this project, the DSPT website was built in Schoolwires, a platform that is actually intended for K-12 schools. As an institution of higher education with a high standard for beauty, DSPT had literally out grown this system, which neither provided the desired presentation and aesthetic, nor supported the substantive content that DSPT makes available to visitors. Text crowded onto each page in basic, generic layouts with an off-the-shelf template feel.

The administrators at the DSPT knew that they needed something new and modern. They wanted something beautiful and substantive. Now they have it.

We know that our clients are all in unique situations, so when the DSPT approached us and asked to complete the project in phases so that they could make the case for this project to their donor base, we were more than happy to work out a project timeline that would meet their needs. The result is that this project took a little longer to complete than similar projects, but the end result is still magnificent. Green Egg Media wanted to help the DSPT free themselves of the static layouts that they had on their previous system, so we designed the site to have multiple different page layouts with large, dynamic images. For special events or other items that require special highlights, we crafted a "Media Rich Page" that they could use to really showcase images, videos, and more.

Of course, the website is fully responsive and makes use modern jQuery solutions to add interactivity to the pages and delight visitors to the website.

Prior to launch, GEM worked closely with this client to design and administer a User Testing program to ensure that the site was easy to navigate and that people would be able to find everything they were looking for on the website. We are very proud of this work, and have been delighted with the positive response that the DSPT has been getting across the board.

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