One of our Favorites - Bluapple


Bluapple is a fantastic product: a little blue apple that extends the life of produce by absorbing the ethylene gas that makes fruits and vegetables spoil. Bluapple has been a Green Egg Media client since 2009 and we have taken them through years of updates, upgrades, redesigns, and enhancements.

The ethylene remediation packets that are the heart of the Bluapple product need to be replaced approximately every 3 months, so Green Egg Media also built a muBluapple feature for the site which would allow customers to sign up to receive automated e-mail reminders to replace their packets. Customers sign up with their e-mail address and the date they started using the product, and the system takes care of the rest.

Eventually the popularity of the Bluapple product grew and the time came to design and develop a new website. Green Egg Media went through many iterations of a new design with the client until we arrived at the design that best met the needs of the Bluapple and their customers. All of the custom deals and myBluapple functionality was re-written as custom ExpressionEngine modules, and the new site was launched on ExpressionEngine 2.

During 2013 and 2014, significant enhancements continued to be made to the site, including new functionality to allow customers to order gifts and specify a future ship date, an image-rich database of produce storage tips, a fresh display of user reviews and media coverage, and more.

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