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The short story: This is one of our greatest success stories. From launch in May, 2010, to March, 2014, Green Egg Media helped to grow sales by approximately 425%, both in total number of transactions and total dollar value of those transactions. We have been with every step of the way since 2009 when they were ready to move away Yahoo! Small Business, and we are proud to count them among our clients.

The longer version: In 2009, the owner of, Janice, was looking for something new, beautiful and amazing. "The Beadshop" was once a bricks-and-mortar operation in Northern California, but had shifted its business model to an entirely online operation. The site was running on Yahoo! Small Business, but the site just wasn't passing muster. The site was hard to manage for administrators, difficult to navigate for customers, and didn't truly evoke the brand. Enter Green Egg Media.

When Janice first came to us to start this project, we spent a lot of time meeting with the team to understand their business needs and the aesthetic that they were going for. We were able to craft a gorgeous new design, taking into account all of the client's input, and working through many iterations of the design. Janice had a background in marketing, so she knew what she wanted. We decided to develop the site in MODx Evolution and played with several different e-commerce solutions, but finally concluded that FoxyCart was the best fit.

During the period after launch, Green Egg Media continued to support, providing high quality hosting, even moving the site to new servers twice as site traffic increased and the graphic nature of the site intensified. Green Egg Media also provide monthly maintenance support, adding new features, updating inventory control systems, and working tirelessly to improve overall user experience. After nearly two years of operation, it was determined that it was time to upgrade from MODx Evolution to the latest major release of MODx: Revolution. We worked closely with the team to execute the upgrade and helped to navigate some of the road bumps that inevitably arise during any upgrade process.

In 2013, some new team members joined, so Green Egg Media assisted with their on-boarding process and discussed new ideas for the website and how it could be improved over time. We moved the site to an even more powerful server to further accommodate increased traffic and to allow images to be processed and delivered to visitors more efficiently.

Over the course of our history with, we have helped Janice and her team to create an amazing online store that has enabled to dramatically increase sales. Between May, 2010, and April, 2014, we have seen an increase of nearly 425%, both in total sales and monthly revenue. Between the first and second year, alone, we were able to help achieve nearly a 100% increase in sales. The results speak for themselves.

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